Cloudsend is a tranquil blogging addon for Chrome and Firefox for use with Tumblr. It provides an elegant, full screen, distraction free writing environment.

Installation options are listed below.

Screenshots: one & two.


1. Click the installation link below

2. Click allow on the pop up box to install.



Since Google Chrome has started to imitate apple in their lame app store structure, you have to download the extension and then install it.

1. Right click the download link below, and click 'Save link as..' to save in downloads.

2. Open up Chrome Extensions (tools->extensions, or enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar).

3. Right click on the cloudsend.user.js download in the bottom left of the browser and select 'Show in folder'.

4. Drag the cloudsend.user.js file onto the extensions window in Chrome to install.



For use with Greasemonkey for Firefox and Tampermonkey for Chrome.

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